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2013-2014 Award Winners

Congrblue ribbon with number 1 on itatulations to the following top dogs!

MACH Mystery’s White Imp Nikita MXG MXS MXF MFB TQX T2B3 CA CL3-F CL3-R CL3-S CL3-H (Nikita)   owned by Kathy & Duane Timmons

BISS HTCH CH Argent’s White Wolf Wild Time TD RN HSAsd STDd NW1 UWP VS CAX WSXM (Bode)  owned by Ann & Jan Schlobohm

MACH Wind Chaser Echos Thru Nevada UD VER RA MXS MJS XF (Nevada)  owned by Debbie Seder

CH SnoBelle Capella Out Shines Them All UD MXB MJB RA WSX CGC (Ella)  owned by Arthur & Linda Everly

Sled Racing Team
DiamondDrift’s Morningrise WSX; DiamondDrift’s Tempest WSX; Chatanika’s Mountain Mystic WSX; Dasha & Ej’s Song To The Siren WSX  Owned by Ricq Pattay

Weight Pull on Wheels
UCH Prairie Isle Gabby That’LL Do UAG1 URO2 UCD UGWPCH TT CGC TDI RE HCT WSXM WPGRCH SPCH THD CA (Gabby)  owned by Linda A and Donaven Murray

Weight Pull on Snow
Rexann’s Sweet Rollin’ Avalanche RN CGC WSXM (Ava)  owned by  Jennifer Gerdes


Working Seminars at the SCA National

OWS will be putting on Working seminars during lunch break time at the SCA Nat’l on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Wed is pack hiking, therapy, and agility. Thurs is weight pull and herding, and Fri is sledding, carting and skijoring. These will be mainly for people who are new to these venues and want to know how to get started, but everyone is welcome. You experienced people can add your expertise. We don’t have much time, just 45 minutes, but presenters will be around for awhile to answer questions. Bring all your questions. Love to see you there!

SCA Candidate Forum

Hey working folks! Those of you that are members of the Samoyed Club of America, please consider sending a “working” question to the candidates for the 2014 elections. In particular, you might want to know how the candidates feel about the working venues, and their experience in working their Samoyeds. You can send questions to Questions received from the most people, and those most relevant to current issues, will be sent to the candidates and answers will included on the SCA Candidate Forum site.

So, the more questions about “working” that are received, the more likely that one will be officially asked.  Below is the question OWS President, Pam Landers, sent in. Perhaps YOU (SCA working members) can send in your version of the question.

“I just want to know if the potential board members think its important to make sure we are breeding Samoyeds that not only look like Samoyeds but can also do the work they were bred to do. To me that means will they support the working venues as well as conformation, and do they have some experience of their own that would help them understand what a good working Samoyed is? Do they understand that what is going on in a Samoyed’s mind is as important as what dogs look like and what they can do with their bodies?” – Pam Landers

Awards info!

blue ribbon with number 1 on itReminders from Norma!

We’re again offering annual awards in agility, herding, obedience, rally, skijoring, sled racing, and weight pull; and also the achievement awards.

The deadline for submitting your dog’s information is August 15th.  Please go to the OWS website for the forms and information on the awards

Please note that my mailing address has changed to:  PO Box 116, Big Stone City SD 57216.

If you have any questions about the awards, please contact Norma at

Let’s showcase our wonderful Samoyeds and let the entire Samoyed community know what wonderful working dogs we have.

Don’t forget – the deadline is August 15th.

Norma Pinkert

Dues! Now!

Yellow emoticon with string tied around a finger and the words "don't forget"

Pay your dues!

It’s that time of year! Please send your membership dues to Linda A. Murray at 46296 Hilltop Ln., Nicollet, MN 56074. $25.00 for a family and $20.00 for an individual. Hope to hear from all of you soon. Fill out the form, print it off, add a check, and mail it in!

Online Instruction

Distance Learning button on a keyboard

Nope, I don’t mean teaching your dog how to go online and shop for dog treats and toys!  But rather, using online classes and coaching to improve  your own training for competition!

You’ve probably heard of Coursera, the platform many educational institutions are using to provide free classes to anyone, online.  But there are also lots of options for more specific learning.  Generally these are not free, but they are taught be word renowned trainers.

Some courses are lecture only, some allow you to submit videos for critique, some are only an hour or two, some 6 weeks or longer in duration.

With the number of expert trainers who provide online instruction increasing all the time, you can no longer use “but I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t get good instruction” as an excuse!  Besides, you can go to class in your PJs and fuzzy slippers!

Here’s a starter list of what is available.

General training and behavior


Obedience and Rally

Sledding/CarWoman on Computerting

If you know of a dog related online course or school that focuses on competition sports, add
it in the comments!

Thank You!

Thank YouThank you to OWS for the beautiful  Note Cards offered for 3rd place in Working Sweepstakes Intermediate WSX Bitch.  We were thrilled  to be in the presence of such quality in the class, and wish Gracie had thought to bring her coat along!  – Kathy and Larry Mackai


“Please express our sincere appreciation to your members.  Thank you for your generous trophy donation to the SCA 2013 National Specialty.  There are a lot of trophies to cover and we couldn’t do it without your help.  We really appreciate your support.”  – Beth Riley, trophy chairperson for this year’s National.