Monthly Archives: July 2014

SCA Candidate Forum

Hey working folks! Those of you that are members of the Samoyed Club of America, please consider sending a “working” question to the candidates for the 2014 elections. In particular, you might want to know how the candidates feel about the working venues, and their experience in working their Samoyeds. You can send questions to Questions received from the most people, and those most relevant to current issues, will be sent to the candidates and answers will included on the SCA Candidate Forum site.

So, the more questions about “working” that are received, the more likely that one will be officially asked.  Below is the question OWS President, Pam Landers, sent in. Perhaps YOU (SCA working members) can send in your version of the question.

“I just want to know if the potential board members think its important to make sure we are breeding Samoyeds that not only look like Samoyeds but can also do the work they were bred to do. To me that means will they support the working venues as well as conformation, and do they have some experience of their own that would help them understand what a good working Samoyed is? Do they understand that what is going on in a Samoyed’s mind is as important as what dogs look like and what they can do with their bodies?” – Pam Landers