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Online Instruction

Distance Learning button on a keyboard

Nope, I don’t mean teaching your dog how to go online and shop for dog treats and toys!  But rather, using online classes and coaching to improve  your own training for competition!

You’ve probably heard of Coursera, the platform many educational institutions are using to provide free classes to anyone, online.  But there are also lots of options for more specific learning.  Generally these are not free, but they are taught be word renowned trainers.

Some courses are lecture only, some allow you to submit videos for critique, some are only an hour or two, some 6 weeks or longer in duration.

With the number of expert trainers who provide online instruction increasing all the time, you can no longer use “but I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t get good instruction” as an excuse!  Besides, you can go to class in your PJs and fuzzy slippers!

Here’s a starter list of what is available.

General training and behavior


Obedience and Rally

Sledding/CarWoman on Computerting

If you know of a dog related online course or school that focuses on competition sports, add
it in the comments!